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10 things you are grateful for every day; a positive exercise for the mind

Feeling negative? Need help to create positive thoughts? This little exercise can help you to feel good in the

Think Different

Think Different


Ask yourself this question each day for as many days, weeks, months as you wish. You could just ask yourself every day; it’s a great habit, and it doesn’t matter if some things repeat themselves. It’s about appreciating that even if some things are not so good in life right now, we can still find positives.

Each day, I would like you to think of 10 things you are grateful for. They could be big things, down to the smallest of things you wouldn’t usually think about. That’s it. It doesn’t take long, but it can be incredibly powerful for the mind.

To get you going, mine today are:

  1. Grateful I can stay indoors to recover from my cold and chest infection
  2. Grateful I have a warm home, while it’s snowing outside and freezing
  3. Grateful I have plenty of food to eat
  4. Grateful for the company of my two cats
  5. Grateful I have drinkable running water and hot drinks
  6. Grateful for the phone call from my dad to see how I am
  7. Grateful for the phone call from my friend, asking how I am and if I need anything
  8. Grateful that I have time to do some reading today
  9. Grateful for my freedom
  10. Grateful for my inner strength

All the best,

Sandra 🙂

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