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Art therapy is great for our minds, relaxation and mindfulness

I am a huge promoter of art as therapy, having researched the topic in detail.

Usually, I am promoting writing as an art therapy, as I am very experienced in the world of Expressive Writing as therapy and Life Writing workshops. However, all art can be a good therapy, be it drawing, painting, making crafts, designing cards and lots more.

I also promote mindfulness by way of being in the moment, using our five senses – sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.

But, today I am sharing my art from the weekend. I have had a huge hoard of vintage buttons for a long time and I wanted to do something nice with them. So, I ordered a few more buttons on-line so I had a few more moderns buttons as well, got myself some things to decorate (in this case, table lamps, a mirror, a light shade and a picture frame) and got sticking over the weekend!

Here are the results in pictures, and for me, the result was relaxation, a sense of production with my time, a mindful feeling of being in the moment, and many of my buttons have now been used for a good purpose. I might even sell them! 🙂

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