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Day five of my ‘Six days to mindful relaxation and better living’ challenge

Welcome to day five of my six days to mindfulness and better relaxation – day five is all about everything we smell (if

The smell of flowers

The smell of flowers

you are blessed with the sense of smell)

I want you to take in all the smells around you today. We tend to notice what we smell more than our other four senses, as we come across many pungent smells, but we do not notice everything automatically… so you still need to work on it! 🙂

Some obvious ones:

  • The smell of toast
  • Coffee as it brews
  • Grass after it’s been cut
  • The lovely fresh smell after it’s rained (which is due to a chemical in the ground reacting to the rain)
  • Everything you eat has a smell (we need to smell to be able to taste)

Some smells are pleasant, others not so nice, but taking notice of all of them is what is key here.

So concentrate, wherever you go. I want you to really smell everything. Things like…

  • The smell inside your car as you get in
  • The smell of your freshly laundered top as you put it on
  • The smell of flowers as you pass them
  • The smell of all your food (don’t eat on autopilot!)

How do these smells make you feel?Anything at all that you smell – and you will smell many things during a whole day!




We can change the way we are feeling because our senses are linked with emotions, so if we wish to feel more relaxed, we can use lavender oils or something that is relaxing for us. If we want to feel uplifted, we can make coffee or wash with fruity shower gels. We may have our own ‘comfort’ smells and if we are aware of them, then we can use them to our benefit.

Really connecting with our five senses helps us to enjoy our time and surroundings and allows us to connect with our world more fully.

The more you practise these mindful techniques, the easier it will become for you to reach out to each ‘sense’.

So, I hope you will be back tomorrow for day six (the last day) of my simple ‘sense’ mindfulness techniques.

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