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Here is day four of my challenge! 6 days to relaxation and better living via mindfulness, today is all about sound and hearing

So, here we are at day four of my mindfulness challenge! 🙂

The sounds of nature

The sounds of nature

Today is all about sound. I want you to take in as much as you can of what you hear today.

From birds singing, to people laughing, running water, the sounds as you brush your teeth and planes going overhead, take in all the sounds around you.

You can also make sounds, such as playing music, TV, having a conversation, starting the car; anything and everything you can take in.

How do the sounds make you feel? Happy? Frustrated? Sad? Excited?

Our senses are linked with emotions so if we eat something we really like, we may feel comforted, if we hear a slow song we really like, we may feel soothed. If we hear fast, loud music, we may feel energised. If we see a beautiful scene or flower, we may feel uplifted. And so on…

Really connecting with our five senses helps us to enjoy our time and surroundings and allows us to connect with our world more fully.

The more you practise these mindful techniques, the easier it will become for you to reach out to each ‘sense’.

So, I hope you will be back tomorrow for day five of my simple ‘sense’ mindfulness techniques.

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