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How can I help you?

I offer a complimentary introductory session of 30 minutes, where we meet and discuss your needs. At the end of that session, I will advise you how I can help. I treat every person as an individual, with individual needs, and therefore how I work with you will be totally unique. There is not a formulsealsa that works for everyone, but with my years of training, and experience, I can use what is best for YOU.

I find that by following the practise of counselling, by studying and learning, and by self-reflection, I enter each counselling session at ease, with pleasure, comfortable, and with a determination to help my clients, and this helps me to be a good counsellor. My clients are open and honest with me, they are committed as am I, they trust me, they are not afraid to show or share their emotions and deepest thoughts, and they are willing and open for the challenges I may set them with their agreement. They understand what counselling means to them fairly quickly, and as we meet more and more, and they overcome some of their issues, they become even more determined to help themselves within sessions, outside of session time, and after our relationship and meetings end.

Having been through lots of adversities in my forty one years, and having seen family members and friends going through as many, I am very resilient, which I feel is important as a counsellor. I remain calm and not shocked by what my clients tell me. I do not judge my clients. And this helps the client feel at ease. If they can trust me in telling me of their adversities and stories (testing the water with me), and the result of my interaction is calm, helpful and insightful, then they open up more and give me more of their truths.