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Inferiority issues

It is very easy to feel inferior to others when we feel down or anxious and cannot do what we
perceive others’ can do easily. If we feel very down and at times useless, we might make up
stories that people are thinking negatively about us. We hear what we want to hear and don’t
always hear what the person is really saying because something hits a chord with us and we
concentrate on it so much we believe they are aiming their comments at us. We take what
someone says personally, even if it wasn’t aimed at us at all; we misconstrue what people
have said to us. For example, someone could be talking about how easy they find it to cook,
yet other people don’t cook much anymore. Now, if I do not cook much because I just don’t
feel like it and I feel bad that I don’t cook and am not healthy and it’s on my mind… well, I
could take what they have said as a personal insult. Because I have already berated myself for
it, I might perceive that they are picking on me too. What I would need to do is to ask myself
what the person really meant. Did they make the comment really about me, or were they
generalising? Was it just that they struck a chord with my feeling of weakness without
knowing it? We can misinterpret others’ comments to be a dig at us just because we were
feeling low ourselves. So, ask yourself ‘Am I making up a story here?’ before jumping to

And just because other people can do things or have experienced things/know things
we do not, it doesn’t mean we are inferior either. We all live our lives, day by day, year by
year, and experience things that arise for US. We do not have the same experience as anyone
else, and nor do we think exactly the same way. So, if anyone judges our knowledge against
their own, we need to feel strong and know that we might not know exactly what they know,
but we have our own unique knowledge and experiences of the same world, be it historical,
from books, or from our own feelings.

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