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Keep yourself mentally well over Christmas and New Year; loneliness, anxiety, money worries or missing people?



Christmas comes around every year, meaning so many different things to us as individuals. For some, it’s a happy time, to be spent with family, eating, drinking and being merry. For others, it is a more sombre affair, which can highlight negatives in their lives.


Loneliness can feel even worse, as we feel others’ have more in their lives than us. You might feel more isolated as the shops shut, and people are busy around you. But, just recognising this can help you to get through. Think about how you can make your life less lonely. Can you join a club, a college course, get out on public transport? Can arrangements be made for someone to come to your home, if you cannot get out? A befriender perhaps? Is it possible for you to look after a pet? Can you give your time to volunteering, or make things for people less fortunate than you, such as clothes or cakes?


Get together’s with family can be fun, but for some, family events can bring increased anxiety. More people in the house? Less time to yourself? Unable to watch what you want on TV? Giving up your bed for a family member? Staying away for Christmas; away from home comforts? Having to see someone you don’t like? If this sounds like you, then take extra care of yourself. Recognise what it is that is making you anxious or annoyed, or upset, and you can deal with it better. Keep yourself grounded with simple mindfulness – sit or lay comfortably for a few minutes, peacefully, and empty your mind if you can. Use your five senses throughout the day to keep yourself ‘in the moment’. Taste, sound, sight, touch and smell. If you get overwhelmed, concentrate on just one sense at a time, and try to let go. Talk to a family member, perhaps, so that you feel less alone with your anxiety. You might just find that others’ feel the same as you.

Money and home worries

Christmas can be an expensive time for many. Being in debt in January is not the brightest thing. But, if Christmas is not affordable, it can also bring its own stress. You might feel bad for your children that you cannot afford certain presents? You might not be able to give them a Christmas at all? Christmas time can make the impact of these things twice as bad. Keeping focussed is key. Perhaps you can concentrate on getting help and making a celebration when you get sorted out?

Missing people?

Is there someone who will not be with you this Christmas? Perhaps they are away, working or passed? Christmas time can highlight the loss of a loved one and make it a sad occasion. Can you remember them on the day by looking at photographs? Spend a bit of time remembering them fondly? Talking about them with other loved ones? Can you celebrate who they were?

Adversities, like homelessness and evictions do not stop just because it’s Christmas either.

Take care of yourself. Look after yourself first, then you can look after others. And maybe you can look out for people who are suffering this Christmas time.

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