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Relax, have self-respect and do things you enjoy

“I am not worthy”

“Their needs are bigger than mine”

“I don’t have time!

“I don’t have spare money”

Just a few of the negative things we may say to ourselves when thinking about doing something for ourselves. Thinking like this can make us feel even more unworthy.

But, it’s not really good enough is it? We should look after ourselves and our minds.

If we don’t relax and give ourselves some time in our day, we might frazzle, burn out, get bored, resent others…

Now, as we know, some hobbies or things we may enjoy may take up quite a bit of time, such as boating, visiting art galleries or stately homes, hiking, judo, shopping, a college course in drawing, cooking or learning a language… but they could be very fulfilling.

On the other hand, if you are a very busy person already, you might try practising mindfulness, meditation or just sitting and giving yourself a few minutes to think of nothing. Often you will find that something random and interesting will come to mind. I find my creativity is at its peak and I find answers to things I have been worrying about, if I just take a little time to sit and just ‘be’.

It might be that you cook yourself something tasty; something that brings back good memories or something you have never tried before.

You could have a soak in a relaxing bath, read a magazine, take extra time to do your hair, or just slow down (doing things in a more relaxed way rather than charging through a ‘To Do’ list. Even supermarket shopping can be more pleasurable if you take your time and don’t get flustered about the slow person at the check-out or a person who left their trolley right in front of the produce you are trying to look at.


We can all keep busy to keep our minds off all sorts of problems in our lives BUT always remember it’s also very beneficial to just stop, stay still, and let our minds wander on their own for a while. Some of my best ideas have come to me when essentially ‘doing nothing’ – some of my best writing ideas, answers to questions and I have even solved some of those underlying problems that had been bugging me sub consciously.

Try ‘doing nothing’ today – just 20/30 minutes. If nothing else, it will most likely refresh your mind ready for the day.

Relaxing is also time when you invest in your hobbies, or when you are eating (aiding digestion) and sleeping. Take time out to relax before sleeping and you may well sleep better.


Time for YOU! No-matter who you look after, what work you do, how much you have on your to do list, doing things you enjoy will arm you with self-respect – and let’s face it, if we respect ourselves, we will most likely be more respected by others.

So, if in doubt, do things you enjoy

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