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Six day challenge! Simple mindfulness for better contentment – day one concentrates on sight

Welcome to the start of my six day challenge ‘Simple mindfulness for better contentment’ It’s easy to follow and you



will reap the rewards. Day one is all about sight, so let us begin…

Today, I want you to think about everything that you ‘see’ (obviously if you are blessed with the sense of sight). This is what you ‘really’ see, not just what your sub conscious sees while you are in auto pilot mode. Take it all in.

We spend a lot of time in thought; processing thoughts, working out what we are doing next, or what has happened, or what might happen. This takes us away from the present moment. To really ‘live our lives’, not just exist, we need to be conscious ‘in the now’, not the past or the future, as much as possible. We need to think, plan and process so we cannot be in the moment all of the time, but it’s being aware of how much we are on auto pilot, not really listening, concentrating or enjoying the moment.

So, everywhere you go today, have a good look around, whether it’s at:

  • The sky
  • The colours
  • Buildings around you
  • Animals
  • People
  • Your home
  • Your garden
  • The colours and look of the food you eat

The idea is that you take in ‘everything’ that you see, in detail. Really ‘look’ at everything and find more details in those things. It is easy to take things for granted and not see the details, especially of things we might see every day.

If it’s your food, take in the colours, shapes and textures you see.

If it’s a person, look at the colour of their eyes, their skin; their stance.

If it’s the sky, take in the colours, the shapes of the clouds; the whole hugeness of it.

Get the gist?

Looking at details surrounding us is soothing and uplifting, so try just doing that today, and I hope you will benefit from it.

Catch you tomorrow, if you will join me, for some more.

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