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The final day six of my challenge ‘Six days to better mindfulness and relaxation’ today is all about using all the senses!

The final day! Day six, which is all about using all our five senses consciously (if you are blessed with all five senses

flowers and gardens

flowers and gardens

and if not, use all those that you do have 🙂 )

Today, I want you to think about everything that you smell, taste, feel/touch, see and hear. This can be tricky in some ways as we do not always have time to take in absolutely everything, but our senses are there all the time if we wish to tap into them.

So, take time today, to TASTE everything you eat or drink or chew.

Take in all the SMELLS in the air.

Visually take in your surroundings – SIGHT.

Listen out for any SOUNDS, as they are always there.

And be aware of the feeling of everything you come into contact with – TOUCH.

Go back to my earlier posts to get the inspiration for some ways to use your senses – click ‘mindfulness’ in the list on the left side of this site.

How do you feel emotionally?




Really connecting with our five senses helps us to enjoy our time and surroundings and allows us to connect with our world more fully.

I would also like you to be aware of your breathing today, connecting with your own rhythm and your own being

We can change the way we are feeling because our senses are linked with emotions, so if we wish to feel more relaxed, we can use lavender oils or something that is relaxing for us, like eating a certain food or going somewhere beautiful in the fresh air. If we want to feel uplifted, we can watch a great film, listen to our favourite music or take a bicycle ride in the sunshine.The more you practise these mindful techniques, the easier it will become for you to reach out to each ‘sense’.

Everyone will have their own ‘comfort’ space or taste or smells and so on, and if we are aware of them, then we can use them to our benefit in everyday life.

So, I hope you have enjoyed the six day journey of my simple ‘sense’ mindfulness techniques, and that you feel better for practising them. Do keep it up, as practise will instil them in your mind allowing you better enjoyment of your surroundings and your life experiences.

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